Our Specialties

We make entering the gluten free marketplace simple by eliminating the major barriers faced by new manufacturers. We assume responsibility for gluten free certification, food safety monitoring, ingredient sourcing and workforce training. We offer a suite of proven products that can be branded to your specifications or we will happily collaborate on new items and formulas as necessary. Enter the gluten free market without the obstacle of establishing your own GF facility.

Co-Manufacturing / Co-packing

Partnering with us allows you to market and brand under your name.


Our gluten free gurus can help work through the unique difficulties encountered when developing new GF and allergen free products. From basic breads to sweet treats, we have experience utilizing a broad range of techniques and ingredients to produce superior GF goods. We can also advise on packaging and branding options to optimize your product’s finished look.

In Store Bakery

Our line of breads and sweet treats are as gorgeous and tasty as their gluten filled cousins and make a great addition to any in store bakery. Whether under our brand or yours our product line will diversify your fresh offerings while drawing in the gluten free shopper.


Our recipe and packaging solutions are perfect if you are looking to present your gluten free customers with high quality, safe options. Our single serve packaging helps prevent contamination and allows you to confidently offer baked goods that are truly gluten free.

Convenience Stores

Gluten free food on-the-go is now a possibility with our single serve packaging. Our products have a fresh baked appearance as well as the security that your GF options remain uncontaminated even when mingling on the shelves with gluten filled choices. We don’t have this together yet, but will need to offer a secondary brand for clients who do not want our product under private label.